Teflon and Steel Gaming Surfaces Amp Up Your Game

Regular old mousepads when you’re gaming are so passe: what you really need is a good, solid mousing surface that won’t make your desk all dusty, won’t clog your mouse’s sensor with dirt or grime, and won’t hinder you moving your mouse across its surface.

Sure, you could grab a roll of wax paper and make this mousepad, which is arguably one of the greatest, but if you’re willing to drop some cash, try this teflon and steel model from Rude Gameware. Called the Fierce Teflon and Steel Mouse Surface, it’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to a frictionless mousing surface this side of a physics problem with real-world constraints removed.

The only downside is that it’ll set you back $30 bucks plus shipping, but hey – if you spent an easy $60 on your mouse, it might be worth it for that competitive edge.

[ Rude Gameware :: Fierce Teflon and Steel Mouse Surface ]

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