An Awesome DJ Setup Made from IKEA Furniture

it’s probably saying something that my own turntables are in a tiny nook with barely enough room to actually use them, but this Ikea setup that’s perfect for a pair of turntables, a mixer, and a pair of CD decks with headphones looks really sharp to me.

Granted Erik, who submitted this setup to Ikea Hackers, notes that his turntables are upside down (he notes in the comments that he did this because they look better for the photo this way), but they’d work just fine in the right position – although he’d probably have to do something to corral those cables that’d be running from the back of all of his gear right to the mixer there.

Still, it’s a pretty awesome looking setup, and even if you’re not an at-home DJ, you can appreciate the look. Plenty more photos where this one came from at the link below.

[ Ikea Hackers :: Ikea Shoe Rack Transformed into DJ-Furniture ]

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