4 Stylish Looking PC Cases

Over at Unplggd, they have a roundup of PC cases – I know, it sounds borning unless you’re a DIY or computer-building enthusiast, and since I’m the type of person who builds his own computers, it naturally drew my attention. Where it’ll pick up your attention however is in how pretty these cases are.

A few years ago, PC cases used to largely be translucent, covered in LEDs and lighting, and usually had clear walls and fronts. More modern PC cases feature more sleek and streamlined designs – brushed aluminum and steel, attractive but subtle edges and design across the front or back of the case body but clean lines. The kind of cases that make you want to pull the guts out of a perfectly good PC and install it all into something new and shiny like these.

I’m particularly fond of the NZXT cases – like the H2 shown above. Head over to Unplggd to see the all of the featured models.

[ Unplggd :: Stylish PC Cases For Your Tired Looking Tower ]

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