Gears and Widgets is one geek’s dream blog. Technology news, commentary, reviews, updates, info, all by geeks for geeks like you…and me! I put together excellent, passionate, informative commentary along with some of the best tips and tricks and product reviews I can find, top it all with tech news, events, and other quirky information, and there you go, you have yourself a blog.

I work in technology, so this is no non-technophile trying to tell you what’s good and what sucks on the market today, but at the same time just because I work in technology doesn’t mean that I know everything or will pretend to; the less-geekly among us are welcome to bask in the warm glow of the screen here. But don’t worry, it’s not all serious either-I’ll bring you tech news, hot Web apps and sites, new gear, and tech trends, but I’ll do it so it’s amusing, not just droning on about how many jiggawatts the new gizmo has under the hood, although you bet I’ll get around to that.

I don’t cover all of the hottest, biggest, and most bombastic tech news – there are plenty of other sites out there competing to get that data to you first. I put everything through my personal lens first and bring you the stuff I think is interesting…and hopefully you will too.

Got something to say? Comment on my posts or shoot me an email to phoenix -at- gearsandwidgets -dot- com!

Pull up a chair, bookmark, and stick around for a while. we’ve got a lot to share!

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