20 Most Pimped Out Office Cubicles

plant covered cubicle

Think your cubicle is boring and dull? Head over to Comedy.com’s list of 20 Most Pimped Out Office Cubicles to see some of the craziest cubicles to ever grace office workspaces. Granted some of them must require some of the most patient and understanding managers in the world (my boss would never let me do anything like this – he’s too concerned about appearances) or at least the most crazy. The plant-covered cubicle above would be an allergic nightmare for me, but some of the other ones in the list, like the disco backstage and the Bamboo workstation, are pretty nifty.

Some of them are fun and look like they would actually be workable as workstations, others are just crazy and it’s clear that no one actually gets anything done there. The best part? The header for the article looks like it was originally “20 Obnoxious Office Cubicles,” so you can tell how the author really felt before it was run through a more level-headed editor.

[ Comedy.com :: 20 Most Pimped Out Office Cubicles ]

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