Gaming Mice Can Increase Productivity

One of my colleagues, Matthew Rogers, at Lifehacker found something so delicious today that I had to share with the world: namely proof positive that what a number of gamers have been saying for years is absolutely true: you can be more productive with a gaming mouse! The more buttons, the better – especially if they’re programmable and can be used for more applications than just your video games.

After all, people learn keyboard shortcuts for a reason, and programming your extra mouse buttons to match up with commonly executed commands when you have your hand on a mouse can save you tons of time and energy. Matt says:

Gaming mice aren’t just for gaming, they can be put to use outside the battle zone, too. A gaming mouse usually has better tracking (makes smoother cursor movement) and several customizable buttons, so why not take all that and apply it to regular computer work?

My sentiments exactly. That’s why I tend to rock multi-button mice at work and at play. It doesn’t hurt that I like the way they feel better than standard office mice, too. I just chalked it up to being a gamer through and through, but maybe there’s something more to it.

[ Lifehacker :: Use a Gaming Mouse to Be More Productive While Working ]

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