Original Apple-1 Sells for $210,000 at Auction

Apple-1 Auction

Remember that Apple-1 that was up for auction, the one that was expected to bring as much as $242,000 thanks to its pristine condition and hand-signed note by Steve Jobs himself?

Well, the skeptics said that similar Apple-1 units only sold for at most $50,000 – and while this one didn’t come in at the $242,000 price point that some people expected, it definitely came in way over the $161,000 starting bid: it eventually sold for $210,000.

That’s an incredible sum of money, no doubt about it. SlashGear reports:

The final bid was made by Italian businessman Marco Bodlione, a man who fancies himself a private collector and his brother (who was at the auction) “The first time I had heard of the idea of a personal computer, it was from Marco,” Macro’s brother Boglione said. He bought it “because he loves computers.”

Also present at the auction was none other than Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer. He was kind enough to add an autographed letter to the lot (though it’s unclear whether his letter went into this box or the greater lot of technology-related goods available at the auction.)

Here’s to you, Bodlione – I’m clearly in the wrong line of work!

[ SlashGear :: Original Apple-1 Computer Sells for $210,000 USD in London ]

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