ThinkGeek’s New TannenBomb and Canned Unicorn Meat!

TannenBomb and Canned Unicorn Meat

I already covered this over at my regular haunt Gearlog earlier today, but I can’t resist spreading the word just a little farther because these two announcements from ThinkGeek are just that incredible.

The TannenBomb is probably the most evil Christmas tree ornament I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and it’s perfect if you have one of those families that likes to play practical jokes on each other or you need some way to liven the mood around the holiday season. This is definitely the kind of thing that’s going to break the silence around the tree when everyone’s sipping eggnog in front of a fire.

The Canned Unicorn Meat is the culmination of a fabulous April Fool’s gag (much like the now available and also awesome My First Bacon – Talking Plush) which people clamored for enough that the company actually decided to go ahead and make them. The Canned Unicorn Meat on the other hand is essentially a stuffed, dismembered unicorn stuffed inside a tin that has an easy-open bottom so you don’t need to ruin the can to get it out.

Absolutely fantastic – here’s hoping they land under my stocking this holiday season!

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