A Customized Steampunk iMac

Steampunk iMac

I know a lot of people who’ll look at this and have the same first reaction to it that I had: “What’s so Steampunk about it?” But even if it’s not really Steampunk, as in it’s not actually powered by steam or doesn’t really do anything mechanical, it looks amazing and definitely true to the idea.

After all, the only modern-looking components left to this iMac is the display: even the mouse has a lovely wood and brass Victorian look to it, and the display is sitting on top of a dual-hinge tilt assembly that looks like an old vanity or mirror. The keyboard looks amazing as well, and probably the only thing that could be better about it is if it were replaced with typewriter-style keys.

Best of all? This beautiful modded iMac can be yours! You can get a cover that slips over top of your existing Mac and just adds a little Victorian flare to it, or you can order one that’s been hacked up like the one above and made to look true to form. Hit the link below to find out whether the price is right for you:

[ Old Time Computer :: Custom Designed Hardware, via LeetLady.com ]

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