SWAT Kats Coming to DVD!

I’m divulging from the traditional tech and gadgetry to share a little fun news from Geek culture – if you’re anywhere near as old as I am (or even older, considering the show’s original run) you’ll remember the SWAT Kats television series: anthropomorphic cats living in a cat-filled society who flew essentially a tricked out F-14 Tomcat with three engines, one of which was positionable for vertical motion, big enough to store an array of amazing weaponry, motorcycles, and just about anything else they needed, and – of course – fought bad guys.

Yeah, this was definitely one of those “watch as soon as you got home from school’ TV shows, and sure enough, even in the opening sequence they manage to disobey enough laws of physics to make a college professor angry. But the show was pretty epic, and was one of my first introductions to the concept of “speed lines,” something I would grow to love.

So you can imagine I jumped at the news that the series would be coming to DVD in a 5-disc set, to be released next month by the IP owners, Warner Brothers, under the banner that it’s always been: Hanna-Barbera. Yeah, you can bet this is going on my wishlist.

[ Topless Robot :: WB Lets the Swat Kats Out of the Bag ]

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