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City Sounds

Anyone who’s ever lived in a city knows that their town has a heartbeat- a kind of sound about it that just makes you think about it; and since music is so closely tied to our memories and feelings about everything, including the place we live, CitySounds has put together playlists for various cities around the world that they feel really captures the soul, energy, and vibe of the town.

The music is hosted at SoundCloud, but the playlists are ever evolving and ever growing, and some cities feature music from artists who actually live and are from the places where their playlists are from.

My only complaint is there’s no playlist for Washington, DC, but that could change at any time. The folks behind CitySounds note that new playlists are uploaded and added every day, so it’s likely just a matter of time before your city is included, if you live next to a major metro area. In the meantime though you can enjoy the sounds of cities like Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, New York, even Geneva.

Head over and see if you can find your town – if not, try a city that you already know and love, and see if you agree with the track selection.

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