PC Mag Ranks the Top 100 Web Sites of 2009

PC Mag Top 100 Sites of 2009

Every year, the fine folks at PC Mag put together a list of their top 100 Web sites of the year, including some classic hits that we all have bookmarked and have for ages, along with some undiscovered newcomers that are making waves and turning into popular blogs, Web services, or apps. The list is always chock full of great sites and worthy bookmarks; this year is no different.

Among some of the classics? Predictable names like Digg, The New York Times, and Slate dominate the news category, and you’ll find well known sites like BoingBoing, Hulu, and The Onion in the fun category.

Engadget, Lifehacker, and PC Mag itself light up the Tech category, and you can find Kayak, Mint, and Snopes live in the information category.

All of those sites are pretty well known, which explains why they dominate the Classic categories, but there are some real interesting finds in the Undiscovered categories.

For example, you’ll find newcomers like 148 Apps, a mobile app directory, and newcomer gdgt in the Tech category, and Grooveshark (which I happened to write a review of at AppScout), Awkward Family Photos, and 1000 Awesome Things in the Fun category.

Over in the Info category, you’ll find some newcomers like Legistalker (and my review), Still Tasty (and my review), and Wise Bread.

All in all, you can expect good things from the list, and you’ll do yourself a favor by trolling through it and clicking on the ones that interest you. If you love them all, or just want to add them all to your bookmarks and sort through them later, the editors have a downloadable app that will automatically add them all to your bookmarks list for you.

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