The Beginner’s Guide to Manual Photography

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Got yourself a pretty decent digital camera, or even better, shelled out for a fancy digital SLR? Don’t know what you’re doing with all of that awesome equipment? Yeah, you’re not alone. And that’s why Kurtis Kronk, writing for The Tech Lounge [ ] has put together this beginner’s guide to “manual photography.” Now don’t be confused, “manual” doesn’t mean “not digital” or “with film,” it means that you control the elements of the photograph; shutter speed, aperture, things like that.

Kronk walks us through how to get our camera prepped to take some awesome photos, some tips to remember when you’re shooting your kids running down a soccer field or you’re trying to capture a majestic bird that’s just taken flight, and ties it all together with some things to remember. It’s definitely in-depth, but it’s not horribly long, and its written for the non-professional photographer. Just make sure to keep your camera close by while you read it, and don’t be afraid of doing some thinking for yourself-the tips are definitely not one-size-fits-all, so you’ll have to tweak to get the best results in your photos. But this will definitely get you (and me) going on the road to taking much much more exciting photographs!

[ The Tech Lounge :: The Beginner’s Guide to Manual Photography ]

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