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(image courtesy of Lifehacker)

When I heard over at Lifehacker [ ] that they had found an application for the Macintosh that opened a separate window and kept your Google Calendar open in it all the time, I was pretty impressed. I mean, the application is pretty much a web browser that can only display your Google Calendar once you’ve logged in, and that’s great all by itself. I tend to use iCal on the Macintosh, but since I do like to use my Google Calender for cross-platform web-based scheduling goodness, I thought it was a pretty cool download. Mac users out there, if you use your Google Calendar and don’t feel like keeping it up there among the other tabs in Safari or Firefox, give this application a try!

[ Chip.Cuccio.Us :: ]

gcal win
(image courtesy of Lifehacker)

And when I noted at Lifehacker that I like the idea of the GCal app but wished it were over on the windows side so I could have an application that gave me instant access to my Google Calendar, (since there’s nothing like iCal available for Windows, and GCal is the best thing yet) a fine cheeseburger (man…okay, a gentleman named CheeseburgerMan) emailed me to say that he went ahead and created! How cool is that?

You’ll need to install the .NET 2.0 components in order to run the application, but its essentially the same thing, a browser that will let you log in to Google Calendar, and it’ll display your calendar in a small window completely independant of any other browser you have open. Awesome! It’s a teensy little .exe also, so it doesn’t leave a big system footprint or eat up a lot of memory. Head on over to download it now, and check out CheeseburgerMan’s other projects while you’re over there, like a similar tool for your GMail!

[ Burgerblog :: GCal.Win ]

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