10 Cool Gadgets…For Your Neck!


Over at Gearlog [ http://www.gearlog.com/ ] we find an unusual piece of gadget geekery; 10 gadgets to wear around you neck. Seriously! From neckties that you can toss an iPod Nano or Shuffle into, to kinda attractive wooden USB keys like the one shown above, Jennifer DeLeo has 10 items that you can toss around your neck to increase your geek cred and show the world that yes, you realy are a gearhead and you definitely love your gadgets!

Check it out-I mean there’s a personal cooling system for goodness sake, that’s just plain cool. Prices, more information, and links to places you can get the gear are all in the article at Gearlog. Now then, I think I could go for one of those iPod ties.

[ Gearlog :: Neck Tech: 10 Items for the Head Stem ]

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