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icolor folder
(image courtesy of Lifehacker)

iColorFolder is a neat little application that allows Windows users to do something Mac users have been doing and loving for a long time; color their folders to organize them. Red for hot items, blue for low priority issues, green for completed items, whatever you’d like to do, you can organize the folders the way you like! To that end, you can also colorize folders you access often to make it easier and faster for you to click through windows and folders to get to common locations. This is definitely a useful tool.

On top of that, the installer comes with a variety of icon packages that allow you to change the look of the folders in windows, to either duplicate the expected design of folders in the upcoming Windows Vista, make them look like folders in Mac OS, and more. There’s even an extra folder skin pack available for download from the developer’s site.

One caution though-when you go download it, and you will, make note that installing the application will completely rearrange the icons on your desktop-that is, if you have your icons organized in groups or around the screen in places you like them, installing this will bunch them all up in order on the left side of the window. Just take a screenshot and reorder them when the install is through. Enjoy!

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