The Worst Products of Q2 2006

mobiblu player

And the duds just keep on rolling! PC Mag has an excellent roundup of some of the worst products to show their faces in the technology marketplace this year, including the Mobiblu B153 2GB flash music player, which sports amazing battery life but absolutely horrendous sound quality, and other losers like the Helio Kickflip phone which betrays its cool and stylish appearance with horribly buggy software and the Polaroid PDC 5080, a cheap digital camera that gives new meaning to the word “cheap.”

All of the products have full reviews behind their links, so feel free to check out what you won’t be buying anytime soon, and while you’re out there look around for other excellent products on the market that you’ll see while browsing around. And while you’re window shopping, laugh at how silly some manufacturers really can be. Ah well, they all had the best intentions, I suppose.

[ PC Mag :: The Worst Products of Q2 2006 ]

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