The Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

firefox cheat sheet

Leslie Franke brings us the perfect utility for folks who are looking to brush up on some of the hidden and not-so-hidden features in Firefox. Ways to make the browser run more smoothly, easier ways to get to the tools and functions that you need to use, keyboard shortcuts that will help keep your wandering hands off of the mouse while browsing, and more are included in the cheat sheet. The cheat sheet comes in HTML format for handy bookmarking, or PDF format for printing and hanging next to the computer, or stashing in your desk for when you need to remember how to get to cached elements, for example.

Among some of the other tricks in the cheat sheet are how to easily change the text size, how to get to Firefox’s more powerful configuration options, how to change or reset the home page and manage privacy settings, general keyboard shortcuts and navigation shortcuts, and more!

[ Leslie Franke :: The Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet ]

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