’s 2006 Top 100 Network Security Tools

insecure logo [ ] has published its 2006 list of its top 100 network security tools, it’s first since 2003. Among the winners are expected high profile (and high powered) tools like Nessus, Snort, TCPdump, and Ettercap, to name a very small few. What many security fans and community members consider the definitive list of tools for anything and everything network security related, the list has tools both commercial and free, open-source and proprietary, and that work in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD (and other variants) and are all labled with where the applications run natively, whether there’s a point-and-click GUI for the tool or whether it runs completely at command line, and whether the tools cost money or are free to download and use.

By the by, NMAP Security Scanner itself wasn’t counted because well, according to, the poll was taking on an NMAP mailing list, so no fair there. Anyway, if you’re looking for tools to help secure your network, whether its your home network and only a few computers, or its a corporate network with 10, 50, or 1000 users that you help keep locked down, this list is a valuable resource.

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