55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

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Philipp Lenssen, author of the book 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google, is giving away free copies in PDF format as an e-book for those of us who are interested in reading it but can’t afford the cash, wouldn’t be able to pony it up, or would like to break it up, remix it, tweak it, and spread the tips around. The book is designed to show you a bunch of different neat tricks you can do with Google, ways to occupy your time, and ways to get the most out of your use of Google. Other search sites try to claim that Google isn’t better and that’s just more popular, but with people writing books like this with all kinds of time saving (and time wasting) tips and tricks, I sold on the notion that Google is definitely better and the rest are playing catch up.

Some of the ways in the book to have a good time on a Saturday night with you, a drink, and Google; ego-googling, that is googling yourself to see what turns up, the shortest google search that turns up the most results, aliens attacking google, the giant google painting, and much much more.

Check out Lenssen’s book, and if you really enjoy it, support him by buying a physical copy!

[ 55Fun.com :: 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google ]

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