Video :: World’s Smallest Crossbow Can Do Serious Damage


The beautiful thing about this tiny, tiny crossbow is that it can fire real bolts and do some serious damage with them.

The crossbow is made by the same person who made the tiny cannon that made the viral video rounds a while back, and just like the tiny cannon, this puppy can put on the hurt. Best of all, he completely intended it to be a beautiful piece of jewelry: it just happens to also be able to effectively fire bolts over long distances with enough force to pop balloons and break through thin objects.

Here’s what the YouTube video description says:

built it entirely out of solid sterling silver and 22k gold (except the bow itself and the string which are made of steel).
It is all handmade and is an original design.
Although it is intended as a high-quality jewelry piece, it functions quite well as a miniature weapon and is able to inflict significant damage.

This miniature crossbow works in exactly the same way as the common full-size hunting crossbow, but in terms of power to weight ratio, the mini crossbow is almost 4X stronger.

It shoots three types of handmade aluminum arrows:
1. Basic (steel-tipped) arrows
2. Ramming arrows
3. Flare arrows

It took me many hours and countless experiments to build and perfect this mini-crossbow and its arrows. Every part was tested and modified countless times until the optimal technical and ergonomic level was reached, as well as becoming a thing of beauty.
The mini-crossbow was much harder to build than the mini-cannon which appears in my previous videos.

With that said, here’s the video:

[ Mini Crossbow Shooting Targets ]

4 thoughts on “Video :: World’s Smallest Crossbow Can Do Serious Damage

  1. vincent

    how much are these things? and have you ever thought of attatching them to a watch? that would be a grand idea if you ask me for store clerks that are prone to getting robbed lol! im a big fan of unusual weapons and this is just wow lol so anyways try to get back at me because i am pretty intreged and interested

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