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Portal Bar - Chell

Today is Portal 2 day, and those of us here in North America aren’t the only people celebrating. Over at the University of Copenhagen, a geeky bar called the ScrollBar is celebrating as well by opening their own little Portal Bar!

At the Portal Bar, they’re slinging cocktails that look delicious and are named after the many characters and personalities you’ll encounter in Portal and Portal 2. The drink above is called the Chell, named after the character the player controls, but you can bet there’s a GlaDOS cocktail too – and guess what? It starts with Absinthe. Perfect.

The Chell on the other hand is a mix of fruit juices and gin, which is perfectly tasty but strong, if you catch my drift. But in Chell’s way are the Sentry Guns, also sweet but strong, made with Vodka, Bols Banana and Bols Blue, and a little Sambuca, too.

They even have little portal shots – one orange and the other blue. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. My only regret is that I don’t live in Denmark so I can’t visit. Reminds me of The Mana Bar in Australia – another awesome place to have a drink that’s sadly too far from my home.

Thankfully the makings for all of the cocktails are right there on the bar’s Web site, so people like us who are far and wide can make our own The Cake is a Life cocktail and raise our glasses in the general direction of the ScrollBar. Here’s to you, University of Copenhagen!

[ Scrollbar @ IT University of Copenhagen: The Portal Bar ]

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