ThinkGeek Unveils a Bulletproof Clipboard

Thinkgeek Bulletproof Clipboard

The gun’s not included.

Seriously, this clipboard is bulletproof. They stood it up in a vice and shot it several times, and sure enough, the bullets didn’t get through to the other side. I mean, that’s pretty freaking cool.

The clipboard is made of a slab of L2 body armor – the kind that soliders wear, with a clip to hold all of your important documents, of course. I really don’t know what else you can say about a clipboard that’s bulletproof, aside from the fact that I want one. Badly. Not like I have plans to get shot or anything, of course, but you know – just in case.

Maybe I should buy a ton of them and panel my car with em. Hmm.

[ Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard ]

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