Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Video

I mentioned this over at first, so head over there for more in-depth analysis of the game and the production of the crossover title, but I had to share the gameplay video here too. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fighting game fan, and I adore crossover titles like Marvel v. Capcom and Capcom v. SNK.

Street Fighter X Tekken (note that’s an “X,” not “cross” or “vs” in any way) looks like it’ll be one of the first Tekken games that I’ll enjoy in a good long while, and that’s partially because it borrows the visual style and themes from Street Fighter IV.

The game is scheduled to come out sometime in 2012, with nothing more specific than that provided. Still, I can wait. I need to save up for a pair of fight-sticks, anyway.

[ New Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Video ]
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