Transformers Thriller Dance

transformers thriller dance
(image via Technabob)

I’m a bit of a fan for quirky, odd, and really strange and geeky things – this certainly qualifies.

I mean, it’s the Transformers – the Autobots specifically, doing the Thriller dance while the song plays in the background. Of course, the text in the whole thing is in Japanese, so I have no idea what’s being said, and the entire video is built using the MikuMikuDance application (don’t get me started on why I know what that is and why I think it’s pretty awesome it was the application of choice to do the rendering) but the end product is pretty impressive.

I mean, the Autobots there are a little less blocky and a little more flexible than their boxy frames would indicate, but hey – it’s all in good fun, right? Here’s the video:

My only beef? That Rodimus Prime was in the center. Pfft. Loser. Optimus fo’ life, yo!

[ Technabob :: Michael Jackson Meets the Transformers ]

One thought on “Transformers Thriller Dance

  1. Janell C. Bennet

    The video was off the hook but I do believe it was Runims Prime in the lead and Optimus was to his left. If I am incorrect, “please” post and let me know. At one point Optimus died and Hot Rod became a “Prime”.

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