PC Mag :: Six Apple Stores To See Before You Die

Ginza Japan Apple Store

Some people say that the art and architecture that goes into making Apple retail stores as beautiful as they are borders on the attention that ancient cultures put on their temples and places of worship, and I don’t completely disagree. I don’t put a value judgement on it, but I do think that a lot of thought, thoughtfulness, and gorgeous design goes into making Apple Stores attractive places that everyone in the world wants to visit.

To that point, PC Mag has put together a gorgeous slideshow of Apple Stores around the world that you simply have to visit. Admittedly, they say you have to see them before you die: I’ll take a step back from it and say you should visit the countries before you die, and while you’re there, why not visit the Apple Store? I mean, just stop in for a peek at the latest iPad or to check your Web mail on one of the Macs?

Shown above is the Apple Store in Ginza, Japan – there are five more, including the beautiful glass-enclosed one in New York City, but I won’t spoil any of the others for you. Enjoy!

[ PC Mag :: Six Apple Stores to See Before You Die ]

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