X-Men Anime Hits Televisions in Japan

X-Men Anime Opening Scene

See that up there? It’s a re-imagining of Marvel’s X-Men with anime style. I know, I know, who wants anime in their American comics? Well, I do. Frankly, I always thought – ever since the old Saturday morning X-Men cartoon back in the 90s – that the X-Men could do with some more dynamic and interesting animation treatment, and who better to bring that to the table than Japanese studio Madhouse, who’s putting the series together.

The show is currently on the air in Japan, so you can expect it’ll be a long while before it makes it to television screens in the US and comes full circle – but hopefully it’ll be easy to get licensing for the series when it’s time. And hopefully if they decide to dub, they can get the voice actors from the old Saturday morning version. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic now.

Regardless, you have to admit that it looks pretty good – and that MadHouse tries to stay relatively close to some of its American comic standard roots. Check out the opening sequence:

[ Sneak Peep At The New X-Men Anime Series ]

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