Classic Arcade Game Deaths

Ryu Death

Over at Boing Boing, this fantastic homage to classic gaming really hit home with me. Partially because I could identify so many of the games (even though I’m much younger than some of the oldest in the video) and have played a lot of them – even up to some of the most recent.

It’s also worth noting that the single SNES game that ate a good bit of my life when I was younger, a side-scrolling shooter called UN Squadron in North America but better known as its original Japanese title, Area 88, is represented. It’s only for an instant, but it’s there. And even though I already loved the video enough to share it with the world, this made me love it more.

The music is an 8-bit remix of Mad World by Tears for Fears, and I think it’s appropriate. Enjoy!

[ Classic Arcade Deaths (Boing Boing Video) ]

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