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The guys over at DownloadSquad turned me on to this little time waster (the image is theirs too, by the way!) and I really just couldn’t get enough of it.

In BattlePaint, you’re a small square with a lifebar that can shoot at other squares. Your job? Stay alive as wave after wave of enemy paint squares emerge from portals that open all over the map. The game is in classic arcade style – the longer you survive the harder the game gets.

As you blow the paint out of enemy squares, slide across their left-behind paint to collect points. That’s all there is to it! It’s a simple, fun, and quick time wasting game that you can jump in and out of at any time to have a little fun and de-stress, even if you’re at the office. Requires flash though, so no tablet or mobile action for you. Enjoy!

[ BattlePaint ]

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