Kinect Earns Guinness World Record for Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device

Kinect Record
(image via CrunchGear)

Microsoft should be proud of this one, it’s a huge accomplishment! The Kinect peripheral for XBox 360 has claimed the title of fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time, snatching it from the jaws of the original Apple iPad. That’s right – more Kinects were sold faster than the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Wii, PS3, and pretty much everything else in recent memory you can recall people lining up for outside of stores before they opened.

For those who follow my writing, yes I already mentioned this at Gearlog, but I thought the news was pretty important and worth sharing again.

Now whether or not the iPad 2 will claim the title back from the Kinect remains to be seen. We’ll see how it goes starting tomorrow, but I doubt it – it’s not usual that a sequel device outsells the original. But still – all this and I still don’t have a Kinect? I’m really behind the curve here.

[ Kinect Confirmed As Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device ]

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