9 Trend-Setting Desktop Designs

Apple iMac

PC Mag has an excellent roundup of 9 recently released, trend-setting desktop computer designs that prove that the desktop PC isn’t quite dead yet. Among the designs are the Apple iMac (shown above) as well as a Lenovo all-in-one PC with a similar design. The Mac Mini is in the batch as well, along with some new gaming PCs from Asus and Maingear that offer some really sharp lines that won’t go unnoticed sitting on your computer desk at home.

Head over and view the slideshow – you never know, you may fall in love with a case for your next home PC build…or decide to buy instead of build altogether.

[ PC Mag :: 9 Trend-Setting Desktop Designs ]

One thought on “9 Trend-Setting Desktop Designs

  1. David

    Very nice to see new desktop computer design.

    But… Slideshow? Dude, just having the word “slideshow_viewer” in the URL, (which it does), doesn’t make it do a slide show.

    The picture HAVE to be loaded via some mechanism besides an entire page refresh. I quit after two clicks. I don’t have the patience to watch the whole freaking page refresh.

    C’mon PC Mag, use a little AJAX for Pete’s sake. Show me all the ads you need to. That’s OK. Refresh the ads to new ones. Fine. But don’t reload the whole freaking page when you don’t have to.

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