iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry

how smartphone users see each other via c-section comics

This hilarious comic crossed my desk last night and again this morning, and it’s a hilarious lampoon of the way that users of various smartphones look at themselves and one another – and it’s spot on, absolutely.

I’m a happy Android user, and while I don’t think I’m a genius, I definitely see these same assertions and assumptions about users of just about every mobile platform in the communities that surround them; even Blackberry fanatics. I’m curious, though, how Symbian and Palm users fit into the picture. You know, all 10 of them. The layout will naturally have to be updated to include Windows Phone 7, too!

There’s a special treat for people who go straight to the comic to see it in its full-sized glory, so make sure to click the link below for the bonus comic at the bottom!

[ iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry ]

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