Scale USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Built in MineCraft!

I’ve so far managed to avoid the lure of Minecraft, mostly because I, like the guys at Penny Arcade, know that if I get in too deep, it’s all over and I may never come out alive.

Like this fine gentleman, doing something that I imagine would take more time, energy, and effort than could possibly really be worth it, but is doing something so remarkably and ridiculously awesome that it defies words and explanations. He’s building, block by block, a larger than 1:1 scale USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D in Minecraft (which as Star Trek: The Next Generation dorks like me know, is the largest Enterprise from the canon.)

It’s freaking huge, it’s amazing, and that’s just in game – he’s not even finished with it yet. He’s planning on finishing the scale Enterprise, decking out the inside so you can travel through it, and making it as close to an actual model of the ship as possible.

No jokes about “going boldly where no one has gone before,” please – this guy qualifies for the “epic” title.

[ Rock Paper Shotgun :: Mine It So: Enterprise-D In Minecraft ]

One thought on “Scale USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Built in MineCraft!

  1. Lee

    I am going to avoid Minecraft as much as possible for as long as possible. Because seriously, I’d never leave my house, I think.

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