PC Mag’s Best Free Mac Software – 2010

MacOS Space Desktop

PC Mag has put together a pretty epic list of free Mac applications that should forever answer the question “I have a Mac now, what should I install on it?”

I’ve actually seen the question a number of times from first-time Mac owners, and usually it’s the Apple haters that come out of the woodwork with suggestions like “Windows” and “PhotoShop because that’s all it can do,” and so on – well, with this hefty list of over 70 different apps – all of which are free – you can customize your Mac to work the way you work, keep it safe and protected from the few pieces of malware out there that are targeting you, and have some fun on your brand new Mac at the same time!

Some of the more notable inclusions are apps like DropBox for backups and taking your files with you wherever you go, LastPass to keep your passwords safe, Launchy to make finding and launching your most often-used apps easier, TweetDeck to stay up with your friends, and more.

[ PC Mag :: Best Free Mac Software 2010 ]

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