Origin has a PC Built for PC and XBox 360 Gaming

Origin Gaming PC XBox

This story was hot enough that a number of people sat up and took notice, and for good reason: the possibility of having your XBox 360 and your gaming PC in the same chassis is something that’s pretty darned difficult to pass up, frankly. This gaming PC is a beast, too – it’s called The Big O, and features server-class Intel Xeon 5680 quad-core processors, dual or quad SLI configured NVidia GeForce GTX 480 video cards, up to 12GB of RAM, and all the bells and whistles you could ask for all under the hood.

You can tweak every part of the system to order, but the one thing you can’t really tweak is the XBox 360 components that come in the case, and hook up to your television and wired XBox 360 controllers like any other console. This means The Big O can play the baddest, most CPU and graphics intensive games on the market and still fire up your XBox 360 titles when you want to play those as well.

Even so, I hope you have deep pockets if you have your eye on this one – base configuration is $7,669, and the configuration as shown and advertised all over the web is all the way up to $16,999. Ouch!

[ Gearlog :: Origin Unveils Combo PC/Xbox 360 Machine ]

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