The Future of Screen Technology

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Over at the Open Innovation experiment, there’s a pretty awesome article discusses what the future of screen technology in computing and high-tech devices may look like in the coming years. After all, we’re becoming more and more used to thinner and lighter displays in a wide range of devices, especially mobile phones and media players which are all remarkably thin yet feature high-resolution, capacitive touch panels that are light, small, crisp, and still interactive. Display technology has come leaps and bounds from only a few years ago, when maximum affordable screen sizes were 17″ and 19″ CRTs and phones still had tiny LCDs and touch sensitivity was a far-off dream.

So what does the future hold? Well, the folks participating in the Open Innovation Experiment had some great ideas, including transparent large displays, super-flexible displays like rolling curtains that can be expanded when needed, screens that can be instantly stitched or attached to one another for larger or smaller views as needed, even inflatable displays that can be expanded anywhere.

Head over to see them all, and check out the video (above) for a closer look at what some of the participants thought the future should look like.

[ Laughing Squid :: The Future of Screen Technology ]

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