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So we’ve all heard about how the iPad is “magical,” and how wonderful a device it is from those who own one. Oddly enough, one thing I notice we haven’t heard a lot of are hardware issues with the iPad – Apple is likely paying very close attention to issues, but I haven’t heard of anyone really having to return their iPad for a manufacturer’s issue, no overheating, no random crashes, none of that.

So if you’re like me, you want one. I’m trying to hold out until it’s updated, whenever that may be (some people have speculated that the fact that we haven’t even heard rumors about a next generation or 2nd generation iPad aside from the fact that some people are waiting to buy one means that there are no real plans for one just yet) but my resistance is waning, especially with so many uses and so many amazing apps out there for it.

I got to thinking that if I could make a solid case for one with apps that I’d want to run on it, I might consider buying one. Then this Gizmodo post came along; it’s a little old, but it’s still one of the definitive guides to iPad apps available right now – and there are some really great suggestions in there.

[ Gizmodo :: Gizmodo’s Essential iPad Apps ]

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