Awesome LED Display at Smack Nightclub

nightlcub LEDs

Normally the last thing I would want to do is link up a video from (fair warning, much of the site is NSFW) but this LED display is simply too good to pass up. Part of it thrills the DJ in me, part of it thrills the partykid in me, and part of it thrills the geek in me – all of it is incredible, and the music isn’t bad either.

It’s an amazing display, and since LEDs are generally cheap and energy efficient, I’ll bet that amazing display is still more affordable than a full-on traditional light show complete with Intellibeams and rack-mounted lights; and it looks much much better.

The image above is from a still shot of the video – click the link below to see the whole thing!

[ :: Amazing LED Setup at Smack Nightclub ]

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