Hulu Plans Subscription Service for Back-Catalog Episodes

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If you’re a big Hulu viewer (like I am) you’ll probably be bummed to hear this, but Hulu is planning a subscription service to view older episodes and back-catalog shows that it currently hosts for free. Hulu announced that they were moving to a subscription “freemium” type of model several months ago to the dismay of people who had grown dependent on the service for their regular television viewing, but I think most people assumed that this was coming.

Now though, Hulu has solidified its plans, and has proposed a $10 per month subscription to access all Hulu videos, including old archived episodes that it has in its library and to access old episodes of shows like Lost that it currently posts as soon as the new episodes air. New episodes of currently tracked shows will continue to be free, it’s just that episodes more than a few weeks old or episodes that “expire” will require a subscription to access.

What do you think? Does this throw a wrench in your plans to get rid of your cable or satellite company in exchange for IPTV, or is the money reasonable for you? Are you planning to just seek your Web video elsewhere (through legal or illegal means?) Let us know in the comments!

[ PC Mag :: Hulu Plans Subscription Service to Access Old Episodes ]

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