PC Mag :: Facebook Privacy: 8 Ways to Protect Yourself

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Facebook announced some pretty broad and sweeping privacy changes recently, and while they aren’t garnering the attention that past Facebook privacy changes have, these ones are pretty serious and open the door to a number of apps, pages, and external sites and services to know a great deal about you that you may automatically assume is data that’s confined to Facebook itself.

Writing for PC Mag, Dan Costa has some suggestions to help you crack down on how Facebook handles (or mishandles, depending on how you see it) your information and what the service can and can’t do with your data, and who – even among people who use Facebook and are your friends there – can and can’t see certain things about you.

In a fabulous 8-step tutorial rich with screenshots to guide, Dan shows you how to change your Facebook privacy settings to something that benefits you, as opposed to the defaults, which for all of the credit Facebook is due, are designed to benefit the service while offering you some privacy protection – just not as much as you likely assume you have.

I’ll be walking through these steps myself very shortly, I strongly suggest you do too.

[ PC Mag :: Facebook Privacy: 8 Ways to Protect Yourself ]

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