10 Awesome USB Thumb Drives for Geeks

TrekStor USB Drive and Bottle Opener

Whether you like your thumbdrives to also open beers for you or you just want them as flush to the side of your computer as possible, over at Pixelelement I noted a roundup of 10 awesome thumbdrives perfect for geeks of all tastes! Whether you love to skate, snowboard, or surf, or perhaps you’re like me and you’re an anime fan, you’ll appreciate at least one or two of the drives in the roundup.

I definitely dig the TrekStor bottle opener above, but I’m also a fan of the little Gundam USB drive in the roundup, and the Transformer (Ravage was never one of my faves, but I dig it!) – I don’t know if I’d like the Nano, just because I’d most certainly lose it.

[ Pixelelement :: 10 Awesome USB Thumb Drives for Geeks ]

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