A Showcase of Minimalist Workstations

city skyline workstation

As you all well know, I’m a huge fan of really impressive and creative-looking workstations. Desks, home offices, you name it, I love seeing them – and this roundup of what the author called “minimalist” workstations at Webdesigner Depot is no exception. I wouldn’t call them all minimalist, but I can definitely see the contrast between these workstations and some of the huge, sprawling, multi-display, multi-computer setups that a lot of pepole have.

Most of these workstations feature one computer, maybe one or two displays, and a pretty organized workspace – a lot of them even feature some bias lighting to set the mood. Not all of them are horribly practical for anyone who uses their computer for long periods of time, but I’ll say one thing for them, they all look good.

Now then, I definitely want to get some bias lighting for my workspace.

[ Webdesigner Depot :: A Showcase of Minimalist Workstations ]

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