Site Highlight :: Timebeat is an Eerie, Awesome Web Clock


Timebeat, or more appropriately, [ timebeat ], is incredibly reminiscent of the early days of the Web when people were making very abstract and artistic sites that may not necessarily serve a proper purpose, but were certainly inspiring, interesting, and evocative.

Timebeat is a flash-based clock, and when you visit it shows you the current time down to the pulsing heartbeat, which ticks every second. The numbers swivel and turn around multiple axes. The whole thing is incredibly hypnotic, and you could sit and watch it for ages.

Thankfully, if you love it as much as I do, you can even download a screensaver of timebeat that works under Windows and MacOS.

[ timebeat ]

2 thoughts on “Site Highlight :: Timebeat is an Eerie, Awesome Web Clock

  1. Alan Henry Post author

    Hah! Well, I still prefer [ timebeat ] – it has an artistic flare that, while a little more earthy and more serious than uniqlock (and certainly without the dose of cuteness) has a steady, soothing, reflectiveness to it.

    But I can see how that would be a very tough choice!

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