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CES Panasonic 152-inch Plasma

The shot above I took at CES 2010 in Las Vegas at the Panasonic booth – they were showing off their “world’s largest HDTV,” which took the shape of a 152-inch Viera Plasma made from what they call the “mother glass,” the same glass from which all of their other plasmas (including the one in my living room) is cut.

This puppy is a one-off and you can’t just head out to the store to buy it, but if you are in the market for a new HDTV or interested in replacing an older one you already have, you’ll definitely need to take some knowledge with you to Best Buy or when you’re shopping around online. The fine folks at PC Mag have updated their quintessential guide to buying an HDTV with some new tips, features you should keep an eye out for, and some of the buzz around 3D TV from CES this year.

Among the tips? Picking the right location for your panel, picking the right resolution for your viewing distance, ways to get the best image quality out of them (hint: calibration!), and more, including some Super Bowl-worthy HDTVs reviewed by the PC Mag staff.

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