Motorola Droid Earns High Marks

motorola droid

So one of the few mobile analysts I actually trust managed to get their hands on the newly announced Motorola Droid: Sascha Segan, writing for PCMag. Not only has he had the opportunity to test and fiddle with the Droid for the past several days, but he managed to get one of the first preview videos and hands-on first impressions that didn’t amount to little more than a photo fest (I’m looking at you Engadget and Gizmodo, but if you want that he has that too.) and so far it looks good. Really good.

Now Segan points out something very important – people are debating whether this device is an “iPhone Killer,” and frankly, the iPhone doesn’t need to be “killed” at all – there’s more than enough room for multiple strong smartphones on multiple carriers. Goodness knows that prior to the Droid, Verizon suffered from a complete and utter lack of them. If you wanted a smartphone that wasn’t a Blackberry, you were pretty much out of luck.

That being said, the Droid has some serious strong suits – a beautiful display that’s among one of the best ever put on the front of a phone, a 5MP camera that takes beautiful photos and DVD-quality video, all in an attractive and small package. Check out his video:

I have to admit, it looks really good, and Google’s turn-by-turn GPS navigation is definitely a strong suit that we’ll see in future devices from other manufacturers. Theres’ also a photo slideshow if you want more pretty pictures. In the meantime though, the Droid apparently is more than just good, it’s Editor’s Choice quality good.

Check out the full review at PCMag:

[ PC Mag :: Droid by Motorola (Verizon Wireless) ]

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