The Making of Halo 3

If you were anywhere near as enthralled as I was by the trailer for Halo 3 that was released at this year’s E3 Expo, then this will get you salivating for more. The new engine looks incredibly impressive, and to be perfectly honest, I had little interest in an XBox 360 (aside from wanting to play Dead or Alive 4, since it is an achievement in *ahem* in-game physics and all) until this trailer turned up. Bungie knows how to make a good game, and has had that tradition of epic storylines and amazing and engaging games ever since they churned out Marathon, way back in the day.

So just in case you missed the full trailer, it’s here:
[ Bungie :: E3 Halo 3 Announcement Trailers ]

But anyway, even though the E3 trailer looked amazing, many people out of the gate said “oh, it’s pre-rendered,” and “no way the whole game will look that way,” which turned out to be completely false-that’s in-engine, real-time, in-game footage, my friends-and the entire game will look and feel that way, with active objects way out there on the horizon, not little animations floating beyond the threshhold of the game experience; the game will reportedly be absolutely huge in size and scale, and I for one, am looking forward to it.

In the meantime though, for more details, more footage, and a little help catching up to where we are in the story, check out this video that takes us behind the scenes at Bungie and behind the scenes for the making of Halo 3.

[ YouTube :: Making of Halo 3 (Video courtesy of ScrewAttack) ]

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