Turn Your $60 Router Into A $600 Router

linksys router

The glory that is LifeHacker [ http://www.lifehacker.com/ ] has an excellent feature today on how to take an applicable Linksys Wireless router and do a pretty simple firmware flash to upgrade it, install the DD-WRT firmware, and suddenly have control over many many features and functions, like being able to do traffic shaping, restrict or allocate bandwidth to specific applications and ports, configure dynamic DNS right on the router, boost your wireless signal, and more. The DD-WRT firmware is pretty powerful and can give you a whole world of additional power over how your home network behaves and give you the power to streamline and control your connection to the internet.

This particular firmware hack has been around for a while, but the LifeHacker feature here is remarkable not only in its completeness, but in how easy it is to follow, and the critical added tips at the end of the feature on what to do if you brick your router. (that is, if the flash goes horribly wrong and you wind up with, well, a brick and not a router.)

[ LifeHacker :: Hack Attack: Turn Your $60 Router Into A $600 Router ]

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