MacBook Pro: First day, First Lab Tests

Maybe it’s because I want one so badly that I’m paying special attention to Apple’s MacBook Pro, but I can’t help it; they’re so sexy and have nice hardy Intel Core Duos under the hood! I just have to have one. But before I make a purchase, I want to make sure I’m getting good bang for my buck and I’m not walking into a nightmare, like any good computer buyer!

Well, MacWorld comes to the rescue with a first-day review of the MacBook Pro that looks pretty good, and will only get better as more of the commonly used professional applications that are currently only available for MacOS running on the PowerPC are ported over to the Intel architecture that the MacBook has under the hood. So far so good, and hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be blogging from my brand new baby!

[ MacBook Pro: First day, First Lab Tests ]

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