Inside Windows Vista, Build 5308 (Feature Complete)

Vista Screenshot

According to Microsoft, this most recent build of Windows Vista is feature complete and all full of the goodies that they intend to keep in the upcoming new version of Microsoft Windows. Well, who else but the fine folks at ExtremeTech to take us through a nice long photo tour of some of the things we’ll see in the upcoming version of Windows, due out later this year. Some of the graphic effects are really pretty, and the addition of integrated search, more plain-language features and error messages, and finally the ability to transfer files and settings between Windows computers, all make lots of sense and make the OS one to anticipate. But then again, these are just screenshots and we’ll see more when people actually get down to playing with the build for real and see how it runs. So far all of those beautiful graphics and features look to be significant memory hogs, and the test box running it above has 2GB of RAM in it. Yikes. Either way, only time will tell.

Here’s the photo gallery from ExtremeTech:

[ ExtremeTech :: Inside Windows Vista, Build 5308 (Feature Complete) ]

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