Take a 360-Degree Tour of the Space Shuttle Discovery’s Flight Deck

The fine folks at BoingBoing managed to find a link to a 360-degree tour of the flight deck of Space Shuttle Discovery, in all of her glory. The images are fantastic – so much so that you can read the panels and switches and see what controls what aspects of the Space Shuttle. You even get to see the control panel in the back of the shuttle where Astronauts control the robot arm (hint: it’s the panel labeled “Canada”) in the shuttle’s cargo bay, and…an oddly placed Dell laptop.

I don’t even know what that Dell laptop is for. Everything else though – absolutely stunning to look at. Here’s hoping they let us peek into the flight decks of the shuttles when they get to their final resting museums.

[ 360VR :: 360-Degree Tour of Shuttle Discovery‘s Flight Deck via BoingBoing ]

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